About the project

'Tecnociencia: 30 Routes of Scientific Tourism in Chile' is a project of the Chilean scientific journalist Andrea Obaid, which consists of a multiplatform that includes a book (Compass editorial), this website, and a free mobile application (for IOS and Android ) which contemplates 30 patrimonial routes in the country where it is sought to show the natural and historical beauty and richness of diverse tourist destinations from North to South and to know the amazing stories that hide, besides the scientific work that is done in these natural laboratories . This is the first book of a total of 100 routes to be launched in 2017.

The objective is to inform and bring the national and foreign tourist to topics as interesting as astronomy, paleontology, archeology, geology and ecology and to know the researches that scientists are doing with local communities in order to preserve and value these heritage routes. The idea is that people live an experience with greater knowledge, develop scientific curiosity and value the territory in which they live or visit.

Each route has geolocation, a historical overview of the place, the description and the scientific project that develops there. It has basic data such as weather, how to get there, location, travel time, schedules and prices. Its use can be as self-guided or access to the recommended tours operators that offer paid guided tours. It is in English and Spanish. The photos are from journalist Cristián Campos Melo.

Users will be able to share information on Twitter at @Tecno_ciencia and at Facebook.com/tecnocienciachile, as well as rank the scientific routes and leave comments.

The book is available at the Feria Chilena del Libro, Antartica bookstore and Britt Shop at airports for $ 11,990 chilean pesos. You can also buy it online at mapacompass.cl and at Amazon.com.

The Android App can be downloaded at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cl.tecnocienciaenruta.app&hl=en

We invite you to enjoy this scientific tourism experience in Chile and to explore the heritage routes with science and conscience!